Congratulations to Brown Panther, Richard Kingsnote, Michael Owen, Tom Dascombe and the team at Manor House Stables on winning the Goodwood Cup at Glorious Goodwood

Thu, Aug 8 2013 09:36
Here is a photo taken of Brown Panther at Manor House Stables in 2012 and before his fantastic success at Glorious Goodwood in the Group 2 Goodwood Cup.
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Appleby Horse Fair 2013

Tue, Jun 11 2013 10:10
Last Friday I visited Appleby Horse Fair for the first time. I was not entirely sure what I was expecting to find at the Fair having only ever read newspaper reports, which are often purposefully negative. I wanted to see the horses and get a glimpse of the festivities of a culture i know little about.

For this trip I was travelling on the back of my Dad's Motorhorse. After a rather uncomfortable ninety minutes sat pillion we arrived at Appleby.


The first thing to say about Appleby Horse Fair is that I was amazed at the conditioning and quality of so many of the horses. With Cobs a plenty the striking Paints were almost all looking exceptionally healthy and happy.

Down by the river Eden the skilled horseman rode bare back and free, enjoying the gaze of the many Travellers and tourists watching from the banks.


I have attended many Clinics and Shows and been able to view and learn to understand the importance of the relationship between horse and owner and how this is the most important aspect in learning to work together. I have learnt a little about dressage and plenty about natural horsemanship. The Gypsie and Travellers were certainly showing their horses this fine day.


One of the things i really enjoyed seeing was the horses being bathed and the gentleness with which they were washed down.


The main attraction of Appleby is perhaps seeing the horses swimming. Guided down the ramp to the river the horses i saw would usually just walk in to the water.


Once in the water the fun would begin and the many Gypsies and Travellers riding there cobs would be the focus of many a camera. Some of the photographers even got into the water to involve themselves in every photograph. Congrats guys, you must be the most photographed photographers ever.





There was much to see on the roads too as the Gypsy Cob Drivers were out in force.



And then there were the miniatures. This chap little one was particularly adorable.


From what I saw at Appleby it is a fun and festive gathering of a community. Whilst I was only around for a few hours I sensed a great atmosphere and was greeted regularly by the friendly folk i saw.

I would highly recommend anyone visits this traditional gathering of the Gypsy and Traveller communities.

You can view the complete gallery from Friday by visiting
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Tabley Point to Point Raffle Winner

Wed, Apr 10 2013 08:41

Many thanks to everyone who visited my stand at Tabley Point to Point last Sunday. I held a raffle for a free photo shoot and print credit valued at £60.

I am pleased to announce that the winner is Emma Drew from Lumbrook.

Don't forget for all those that entered there is a 10% discount available to you as detailed in the email you should have received.

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Inspirational Days, with Robyn and Dylan

Tue, May 29 2012 05:44
Last Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing an inspirational little girl, Robyn.

Meeting, grooming, riding and having some fun with Dylan was the order of the day. Having never met Dylan before Robyn had been hard at work cleaning and grooming him long before I arrived.

We introduced Dylan to the camera. Robyn needed no reminding she was being photographed as her radiating smile lit up an already bright summers day.

Robyn was visiting Dylan at Crows Nest Farm following a charity auction to raise funds for the Stick 'n' Step Charity.


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Parelli with Sharon Crabbe - At Liberty, Willow Moss Farm

Wed, May 23 2012 05:57
Last Sunday, 20th May, I attended the At Liberty Parelli Clinic run by Sharon Crabbe and hosted by Claire Green at Willow Moss Farm, Scarisbrook. Many thanks to all involved for a great day of photography and education.

For those who know little about Parelli or question the practice I believe that by visiting some of the photography on the
Parelli pages of my website you will be able to see the effectiveness and enjoyment gained from the Pat Parelli school of Natural Horsemanship.

These first two photographs show perfect harmony between horse and partner. The bond and togetherness is clear to see with a mirror image of formation and concentration.


The next two images describe the concentrated connection between horse and partner. The photographs describe two methods of communication and how with a little understanding a horse will listen to your every word and respond to the simplest of gestures.


The most important thing in a horses life is often its owner, its partner. By developing a mutual respect and understanding and by working together not only will a horse come to you as a friend but stand by your side with equal respect.


Sharon Crabbe is a Licensed Parelli Professional™ 3-Star Instructor. Sharon runs her clinics with a warm and friendly manner and offers a direct and honest appraisal of the practised Parelli ways.

Check out Sharon's website, to find out more about her work. Sharon can help if you are struggling with catching, spooking, rearing, bucking or maybe have difficulties with trailer loading. If you have problems riding out alone or are worried in the company of other horses. If your horse is biting, kicking, striking or or just won’t stand still and if you have confidence issues on the ground or in the saddle. Sharon can help improve the relationship with your horse and help you develop the kind of bond all horse lovers want. Check out my Parelli pages to see her in action at the clinics, spotlights and play days we have both attended.


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Katie Nattrass features in Professional Photographer Magazine

Wed, May 16 2012 02:29
In the June edition of Professional Photographer my portrait of "a horses head" has been retouched by the brilliant Katie Nattrass.

Katie has done a fantastic job creating an entirely new image from my photograph. Whilst this is no longer the horse I photographed it truly is a great example of digital art by a highly skilled professional.



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The Art of Plaiting with TPW Grooming and Clipping

Mon, May 14 2012 04:59
The more I work with Kirsty of TPW Grooming and Clipping the more i realise the skill and dexterity required to to get a horse looking at their best.

These photographs really show the Art of Plaiting.


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Crows Nest Farm with TPW Grooming and Clipping

Mon, May 7 2012 10:06
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Poppy & Paige @ Ashton Hall Equestrian Centre

Sun, Feb 26 2012 12:25
I recently met Poppy and Paige at Ashton Hall Equestrian Centre

Many thanks to Eva and her friends for organising. It was a great photo shoot despite the miserable weather and muddy fields.

For Paige I have created a collage of five of her favourite photographs. Putting them all together in this way has created a fantastic description of their fun and friendly relationship.


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