The new blog for Horseplay Photography

Sun, Sep 18 2011 02:14
It is difficult to know exactly where to start with a blog like this. As I have been photographing horses for a good few years now there are many things that could have been shared and yet haven’t.


So I think a few thoughts on photographing horses is a good place to start. On the front page of my website is the following quote:

"I can always tell which is the front end of a horse, but beyond that, my art is not above the ordinary."
Mark Twain

The photograph is not one of mine. It was taken on the 14th July 1918 somewhere in France and is of my Great Grandfather Sydney Bowler and his trusty war horse Bob. Unfortunately for my Great Grandfather the end of the Great War in 1918 meant a fond farewell to Bob. This photograph is on loan from my father. To him it is a precious record of his family heritage, it is his Grandfather serving King and Country proud with his trusty friend Bob.

This photograph was taken almost 100 years ago yet due to hidden memories of time it can be replicated today in a studio or location. What cannot be replicated is the way this photograph connects to my family. The photographs that I take look to capture the things you cannot see but feel.

Having studied photography at Manchester School of Art my work is creative and distinctive. The photographic art that I display to you is what I see, it is my style of photography and not a commercial formula of prescribed imagery. I look to capture the essence of the horse through the method of observation and to describe them through the understanding I am given. The photograph of my Great Grandfather with his horse Bob describes beautifully the relationship between horse and owner. It is a snapshot of time full of respect and cooperation. Befitting of its regimental manner the pose is strict but the magic of the relationship is clear. I believe that the importance of the relationship between horse and owner can be seen in my work and like this photograph holds a magic of its own.
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